Week 14 (21/12/2012)


The Red Letter Day!

After all the hard work, now it is the time to shine! Today was the Hari Edu Technovation a.k.a Presentation Day. Umi, Mr. Helmi, Pn Hazrati and all the invited lecturers including Ms. Aida and the most important person, the Dean were all here gathered in computer lab. All of the groups were ready with their stuff for presentation.

Guess what?! We were the first lucky group to present 🙂 I’m nervuos…

During the presentation…

(Brochure distribution)

(Introducing our poster)

Back Then
(Our video: Back Then)
enjoy 🙂

I was glad that everything went smoothly. A token of appreciation to Umi, Mr Helmi, Pn Hazrati and all of the tutors who contribute for Edu Tech course. Without them, we can’t ever came up with something so awesome like these. Thank you very much 🙂 God bless.



Week 13 (14/12/2012)


Good Morning, fella!
Rise and shine……

Yesterday was the last class of educational Technology before the red letter day, The Final Presentation. Our lesson start with Mr. Helmi taught us on how to use Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is very useful in poster editing. One important tip that you can apply when using this tool is you must always choose a high resolution picture.



Other than that, we came to know about Adobe Premier Pro

adobe premier pro


On top of that, Mdm Hazrati explained about Hari Technovation. She told us that we must prepare slides, poster and brochure for the presentation. All our progress can be seen in our Facebook group and our group blog.

Starting of the Hectic Week!
Signing out.

Reflection Week 12 (7/12/2012)


Hello everyone 🙂

Time really fly when you having fun or having too much things to do. To be frank, I’m quite exhausted this week 😦 Reaching almost the end of semester, there are so many assignments need to be completed. Some of our classes have finish the syllabus and only waiting for final presentation only.

However, our ET class still on and active as usual. The first lesson was handle by Mdm. Hazrati binti Husnin. As promised, today she taught us about CASPER principle, which is totally not this Casper:


CASPER that we learned today is the principle of design. There are 6 elements stated, which are:

casper principles

The element contrast is use to differentiate and avoid overlapping. You can use different colour to contrast.

The colours in opposite sites are contrast to each other.

The colours in opposite sites are contrast to each other.

Meanwhile, alignment consist of two types, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Example of symmetry poster design.

Example of symmetry poster design.

Example of asymmetry poster design.

Example of asymmetry poster design.

In simplicity, we can add on simple graphic and animation.
Proximity – Gastalt Theory (law of proximity)
– objects which near to each other tend to be group together.

gestalt law

To emphasis, you can use different colour.
Repetition involving standardization which helps to convey messages to the audience. This including the background colour, font size, font type (serif & sans serif)

The next session was with Umie. Umie told us about the exam questions. There will be 30 objectives and 1 essay.

Other than that, we also have an addition tutor named Miss Aida. She explained about Student Learning Information in Higher Education. To achieve this, an individual must has the information skills. Other than that, she also taught about research finding.

The last session was with Mr. Helmi. This time he taught us how to use Adobe Premier to edit video.

Adobe Premier

Adobe Premier


Reflection Week 11 (30/11/2012)


Good Day, Everyone!

It was sunny, but not scorching hot. Just nice… So, let begin our Educational Technology class 🙂

First session was with Mdm Hazrati. She explained about the requirements for this course. The details were as follow. Each group must has:
a. Video
b. Poster
c. Group blog (need to be update)
d. Story board
Next class, Mdm Hazrati will explain about Casper technique for presentation.

The second session was with Mr. Helmi. He introduced to us Window Movie Maker which function as, of course… to edit movie! There are 2 versions of the software, Window Movie Maker 2.6 and Window Movie Maker 6.0. There is also Window Live Movie Maker. It is slightly different but serve the same function as window Movie Maker.
Firstly, we learned how to import videos and pictures. He also explained about the tool used to ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ the videos.

Import video

Import video

Secondly, he explained about the various video effect provided in Window Movie Maker. For example, fade out to white. To apply this effect, we must choose a particular effect and drag it towards the video.

video effects

Thirdly was video transition. Video transition is the movement of changing from one clip to another. One of the tansition I used during the class was ‘key hole’.

Video transition

Video transition

Then, we learned how to split the clips. Other than that, we were taught about the way to insert audio into the clips. Just like the clips… we also have to import the audio first. Last but not least, we learned how to insert titles and credit into our video. It was very simple. Just click on the side button which stated the words Titles and Credit.

titiles and credit

I can conclude that Window Movie Maker is a user-friendly software. If you still want to edit your videos, save them as a project. If not, just ‘save as’. Don’t forget to save all your clips, pictures and audios that you have inserted in Window Movie Maker into one folder.

For next week class, Mr Helmi will teach us about Adobe Premier and Photoshop.

The third session was handle by Umie 🙂
She explained about the booth for our video production and poster. The poster that we have to prepare must described the journey of our video production.

THE END window movie maker

Reflection Week 10 (23/11/2012)


How is everyone? Fine? Hope so…

Today class was handle by Mr Helmi and Mdm Hazrati. Umie was unable to join us today because she had left for Jordan and will be back on 28th November 2012. Have a safe trip Umie, and enjoy 🙂

During these 2 hours of class, every group had to present their movie draft. Some group already get their movie 90% done and some just scratches. En Helmi and Mdm Hazrati were giving feedback about what need to be improve and the necessary stuff to insert into the movie. For instance, we have to insert the time in certain clips. Our group was not nearly done. We haven’t started any shooting yet… but we had survey the settings for our movie.

The first setting was Rumah Pantun UKM and the second setting was Nadia’s Mak Long house at Saujana Impian, Kajang. We will started our first shooting on Monday and continued the second one on Wednesday. For today, our group just taken pictures for the poster.

We arrived at Rumah Pantun UKM around 10am. Every actor and actress get ready in their costumes accept me… cause I’m not involve in any scene for today. However, I was busy helping with the lighting and act as their ‘PA’. Pheew! Hard work guys…
We took a few shoots on every scene at different angles to make variation. Here, I’ll introduced the cast:
1. Mak Tradisional – Farah Yusoff
2. Kakak – Nisa
3. Adik – Nurul Nadia
4. Pak Imam – Imran Yazid

Here we were! At Saujana Impian, Kajang. Thanks to Nadia’s Mak Long for being very generous to let us done the shooting in her house. This was my 15 minutes fame! I acted as a mother. Hahaha…
Presenting the cast:
1. Mak Modern (ala-ala Datin) – Michelle
2. Sha sha – Farah Yusoff

After the shooting, we were having tea break with Nadia’s Mak Long and the family. Wonderful experience 🙂

Farah & I  ;)

Farah & I 😉

Just wait an see guys! Signing out…

Educational Techology: Reflection 7 + 8 + 9 (2/11/2012)


Bonjour, everyone…

To be frank, I’m not well acquainted with the lesson of our recent class of ET.That is because I had been attack by terrible headache 😦 that morning, so I was not able to come to class that morning. However, it is not an excuse for me not to write my reflection. With the helped of a good friend of mine, Mdm Zarina…I have probed her with lots of questions in order to help me to understand a little bit about the lesson of our recent class.

First of all, I knew that my fellow classmates were discussing about the presentation day and the progress of our videos with the facilitators. There were few suggestions for the red letter day,which were:
a) Making poster for publicity
b) Prepare bloopers for each group
c) Making a specific site for each group to display all the works and the progress since the first class
d) Display groups blog

Next, Mr Helmi taught the class on how to edit videos. They went through the clips of the interviews that we have done under the Tinn. Here is a piece of mine…

Being said ‘you are such a good sport’ by Umi, I feel appreciated. Thank you Umi for the compliment.

One of the way to edit a video is by cropping. This can be done by using Adobe Premier and i-movie.
Then, Mr Helmi taught about various angles of shooting. Different angles can influence the modes of the viewers.
In addition, Mr Helmi also introduced a software which is useful for video making and editing, that is Adobe Sound Booth.

I am very sorry due to my limited explanation about the lesson. I promised that there will be more elaboration about the software and the application in my next post once I’ve learn it and experience if for myself. I will be needing some friends favour in order to accomplish this.

Before the class end, Pn Hazrati did discussed about the class timeline. It is crucial to keep the schedule parallel with the given proforma of Educational Technology.

I think that’s all for now…until I post again.
Au revoir… 🙂

Reflection 6 (19/10/2012)


Hi everyone…

I hope that I’m not too late to share what I’ve done during my awesome Educational Technology class last week 🙂
As usual our ET class started at computer lab and end there, but not this time. We started at computer lab and then made a little detour for a picnic at the back of Ummi’s office.

These were how the sessions went…

First Session
We spent half an hour at the computer lab(until 10.30 am)to recap the things that we had learn in week 4 and week 5. En Helmi helped us to recap week 4 lesson and Pn Hazrati reexplained about ASSURE model that we had learn on week 5. After that, we had a Q&A session with our facilitators and instructors.

Before we leave the class and proceed with our picnic, En Helmi and Pn Hazrati wanted to us to show and gave brief explanation about our story board.

Here are some part of it…

By the way, our script for the story is with Imran. Our video/short film will be in Bahasa Melayu but we will prepare English subtitles at the bottom. Really looking forwards for it…. 🙂

Second Session
Yeaa! Picnic!
Ummi had prepared a lot of food for our brunch. We had nasi lemak, fat cheese cakes and top up with sweet drink of orange juice.I’m famished just to see them nicely arranged on the table. During the session, there were multitasking went on. Some of the group enjoyed their brunch, and some were busy create a presentation videos.

This session were handled by Mr Helmi and Ummi. En Helmi as the cameraman and Ummi as the host. The whole class worked together to prepare a presentation of integrated graphics and videos. The shootings were done group by group. We were allow to say three sentences on how the hybrid learning help us as students and as future teachers.

Frankly, Hybrid Learning has boost my confident level as I am more competent to use and apply technology tools in my learning process. I helped me to be more creative in learning. By having my own blog, I am able to reflect the materials I’ve learned, improve my weaknesses and enhance my knowledge.

The session went well and I’m glad. thank you Ummi, En Helmi, Pn Hazrati ang everyone invovle for last week class. AWESOME!

There are few things that I want to share with all of you:
Graphic/Visual Aid
-graphic is a visual presentation on some surface such as wall or kanvas.

1. The role of visual aids in teaching
– this method had been use by teachers for quite a time.
– it helps students to have better understanding on what they learned because they are expose to the real objects.
– time saver
– teachers use tools like projectors and white screen (in modern era) and blackboard (in the old day) to show some
pictures, draw or sketch images to their students.
– they also can use media such as showing videos and movies.

2. The aim of visual design
– enhance students creativity.
– teaches the students how to take a critical approach to content and take responsibility for their chosen points of
– enhance and develop students ability to think in terms of concepts and teach them to give form to their ideas.

3. Visual creation process
Here are some the steps from our example project, finding a story and researching references are easy to understand so we will start with the sketches. Also reference material can be an exact picture or drawing of something you want to use in your scene or it can be just an image of something that inspires you, sometimes artists refer to that as a touch stone image.

Room Sketch
List of Props
Floor Plan
Sketches of objects
Color Keys
Color Final
Story Board/Storyboard frame

By looking at the images and animation when the project is complete you should be able to answer these questions:

– Who lives or works here?
– What do they do?
– What is the general time period, past, present, future, fantasy?
– What type of a person are they?
– What just happened in this space? Are they knocked over, broken, or neat?
– What is the light like? Is it clean or dirty?
– Enables you to make conscious and effective use of images and text.

Our Logo for Our Group Productions

That’s all for now. Happy Holiday and Selamat hari Raya Haji 🙂

Reflection Week 5 (12.10.2012)


Hi again to all bloggers…

Today I’m going to share with you what have I learned during my 5th class of Education Technology. For this class once again Ummie can’t be with us because she has other responsibilities, but I know she supervised us from afar and I believe that her blessing always with us. Thank you Ummie.

Before that, I want to apologize for my another late post. I’ve been for a camp last weekend, directly after the class. Thus I didn’t manage to write my blog on time.

For week 5th, we learned about Instructional Design Model that was lectured by Mrs. Hazrati. There are 6 basics principles that we need to pay attention to, which are;

a) Determine students’ needs
b) Determine objectives
c) Design and choose delivering strategy
d) Develop evaluation procedure
e) Employ instruction system
f) Evaluate overall system

Secondly, Mrs Hazrati stressed us about Assure model of learning. She said it probably come out in our examination.

Next, Mr Helmi took over the class. He explained about the Production Stages.
We Learned about the movement of camera in shooting video.
There are few movements that known as zoo, pan, tilt, dolly and truck.

Here is a video that can show you about the ‘movements’. Enjoy…

Other than that, he also taught us about Mobile Augmented Reality. Mr Helmi has given us a chance to use his iPad to test the application of Mobile Augmented Reality.

He also taught about Mobile Tag, QR code. This application help us to detect information by scanning the code of the items. You can try out through this link below.


Before I end my sharing today, I want to share with you some of the things I did during the camp. You should try to go to OutBac Broga. It was so mush fun!

My Introductory Video


Hi fellow bloggers….

After going through hustle and bustle of making few recorded videos (not really…), I am finally satisfy with one of my video and ready to publish it. Yeah… 🙂 And sorry for the late production.

So here it is…enjoy…

I want to thank Imran Yazid(as a cameraman) for helping me in making this video 🙂

By the way, I also want to add a few explanations for week 9th tasks.

As for me, by using features in web 2.0 its ease me to accomplish my tasks. Web 2.0 has given me space to write my weekly reflections on WordPress mobile blog and help me to communicate with my classmates about assignments faster and easier than before. Other than that, it boost my confidence in presentation and communication skill. In addition, I can be more creative to express my ideas through Facebook and in decorating my blog page.

Here is the link of our Video Production Group in Facebook….


That’s all from me for now. Bye….